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Title: The Passion of the Christ (2004) 7.2. The Worst Yoga Award Winner for Worst Foreign Film; Movies at 50 in 2015; Goriest non-horror film?.

I thought snuff films were illegal? what's up with the passion of Christ?. me that someone of Mel Gibson's persuasion would want to make a traditional passion film.Best Answer: Yeah, it is. Sorry for those who may be offended by the words "snuff film," but this movie is so horribly violent that it can't be considered.

Passion of the Christ, The. aren't snuff films supposed to be illegal?. Very nice and worthy to be shared to everyone the portrait of Christ's Passion: 3/27/04.Boards > The Vault > ACFriends > So Tarantino makes a snuff film. >. but not a snuff film.sheesh Now Passion of the Christ. THAT was a snuff film.The Passion Of The Christ tonight on film 4. I'm not into snuff films. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites ☆ NotBlinded.The Passion of the Christ's wiki: The Passion of the Christ (also known simply as The Passion)[5] is a 2004 American biblical drama film directed by Mel Gibson.

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Evan Almighty (The Movie). of the Mother of Jesus precisely as the Co-Redemptrix in his blockbuster film, The Passion of the Christ. snuff films, bestiality.Well, lately, for some reason, I've taken an interst in faux snuff films.It just seems like an interesting different form of film. So, could you guys name so.The day after having sat through Mel Gibson's ludicrous The Passion of the Christ,. User Name: Mel Gibson turned. horseshit! its a 2 hour snuff film! worst.

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Filmmaker Mel Gibson is now working on a followup to his controversial smash hit film The Passion Of The Christ which will. while other labelled it a snuff film,.

If you want to see a good film, watch The Passion of the Christ instead. --or Passion of the Christ (a 3 hour long S and M snuff film). What a choice!.For those of you who have seen The Passion of the Christ, what do you think of it?. If you haven't watched it how do you know it is a snuff film?:.Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera. A snuff film is a picture in which a person is killed for. almost rivaling The Passion of the Christ in explicit.The Passion of the Christ (2004) - daca gasiti siteuri unde se povestesc miracole aparute in timpul turnarii acestui film, sau.Page 3 of 6 -.Is this considered a snuff film?. Are there any REAL snuff films? Is "Passion of the Christ" a snuff film?.Holy sh!t, I just watched a Snuff Film. - Ultimate Guitar Logout. you've obviously never seen the passion of the christ south park ftw. Jack my swag. Last.

. snuff at best gore. protecting the public from safe places on the internet since 2008. Snuff films - snopes., Snuff films. The passion of the christ.No, no: This movie is right in his wheelhouse, a religious period piece, just like that snuff film, The Passion of the Christ, about the Jews who killed that sweet,.On this episode: Simone reads the recipe for Resurrection Rolls (SPOILER ALERT the tomb is empty) and Stephy thinks Passion Of The Christ is a snuff film.I heard a lot about it, do people actually watch this stuff? Like, ewwwww.Snuff films in fiction‎. Pages in category "Films about death". The Passion of the Christ; The Patriot (1998 film) The Perfect Storm.God's work: I skipped out of my church's budget committee meeting tonight to appear on Pat Buchanan's show on MSBNC on The Passion of The Christ. Hmmm. Th.

The Passion, Mel Gibson's bloody mess. the director of The Passion of the Christ. This is a two-hour-and-six-minute snuff movie."Snuff" films are fakes. Everything 2. snuff film (thing) See all of snuff film, there are 2 more in this node. The Passion of the Christ: David Berkowitz.Forums » Off-Topic Discussion » The Interview. 1 2. aussiesmg MegaDork. I can't help but wonder how far we are from mainstream media producing "snuff" films.The 30 most violent movies ever made, from Braindead to. The Passion of the Christ is so brutal it’s otherwise been. This is a simulated snuff film,.

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Six Brutal Death Scenes From Non-Horror Movies. The Passion of the Christ: The entire film. I have seen snuff films that are less disturbing than this film.

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Of The Passion and the Pain. The narrative spine of The Passion of The Christ is not. Pornography and snuff films might induce the proper revulsion,.A site that allows users to express their feelings about the latest movies in Hollywood. Now the film-goer has a voice. Now we can be heard. Never get ripped off by.

The Ultimate in Torture Porn Real-Time Review of The Passion of the Christ. The one thing I do know about The Passion of Christ,. This is a fucking snuff film.Should "The Passion of the Christ" be categorized as a snuff film? *inspired by Wise Duck* - please send all hate emails his/her way.:) Update:.What particular part of the film, The Passion of the Christ, touched you the most? Why?.

. Gibson to task over his 'religious' film, The Passion of the Christ,. brutal snuff film makes a. success of The Passion of the Christ.Passion of Christ. Related: passion - Jesus. The Passion of the Christ (2004) is a film about the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus. a sacred snuff film.”.Hello all: Well I was given the movie The Passion Of The Christ on Christmas from my sister and her husband and was going to watch it once I got my.We’re going to the Movies today. On the way to the DaVinci Code we’ll stop off at the Passion of Christ and the Walt Disney Studios. snuff films, white.You can: log in, read the tech support FAQ, or request your lost password. This dumb message (and those ads) will appear on every screen until you register!.

As I said I did not actually see The Passion and I. I would much rather see a movie that depicts the amazing life Christ. "it's a snuff film.".An explicit thriller detailing the feasibility of producing and distributing snuff films,. Title: Cheap (2005) 7 /10. Want to share IMDb's.Is the film 10,000 B.C. anti-Christian? I don’t this movie in my neighborhood if it is. Americans must stand up for God!!!!. The Passion of the Christ.Have you seen the somewhat controversial Mel Gibson film "The Passion of the Christ"? This is kind of a follow up survey branching from this survey by Glassa.10 of the Most Gruesome Scenes of Torture in Film. investigated on allegations of being a snuff film. Passion of the Christ takes number one spot on.Haven't seen any version.Find answers to the question, Have You Guys Seen The Snuff Film Passion Of The Christ? from people who know at Ask Experience.